Don’t Forget the Pictures!

Now I know I’m probably driving people crazy these days with the millions of things I’m asking my readers to do. There’s the Resolve to Love Challenge (including the word cloud contest) and my urging you to write your representatives. And oh yeah, the Naked Face Collage!

Dove's "Real Beauty" Campaign

I’ve only gotten two pictures so far and I need more! Anything goes! You don’t have to submit a photo of your face if you don’t want to. You can send in a picture of any part of your body that you are “revealing” to the world with acceptance and love. Toes you hate, wild hair, short eyelashes, a square behind (that’s me!), a scar…on and on.

There’s only about a week left to send in your photos, so please don’t forget! I would LOVE to include you!

(Please be assured, I will not be including the names of the people participating for privacy reasons. I will be making a collage out of all the photos sent to me, and posting them on the blog with no names or any other written identification.

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