Good Seed: The Faerie Market

Some time ago, I stumbled upon The Faerie Market over on Etsy. I was completely enchanted by Betsie Withey’s designs. They are so whimsical, and earth-inspired. There’s just no better, or more fun way to jazz up an outfit than by putting a flower in your hair.

Check out these beautiful designs:

Photos used with permission.

True Beauty with Mrs. B!

Mrs. B (Photo used with permission.)

I am delighted to share with you True Beauty thoughts from one of my favorite bloggers, Mrs. B. This lovely lady writes Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom where she shares her thoughts and experiences on everything under the sun including cooking, spirituality, autism, and gardening. She also hosts numerous giveaways, most of them from small, home-based Etsy businesses like mine, which I think is very cool.

Speaking of giveaways, she happens to be hosting one for 5 Seed, if you want to check it out. You have the chance to win yourself a lovely Sankalpa Scent!

Here’s what Mrs. B. has to say about beauty:

What makes someone truly beautiful, in your opinion?

I think what makes someone beautiful is that inner spark of passion for something, whether it’s a passion for cooking, or the environment or for their family. Having a passion about taking care of something and learning more about it gives a person a real inner glow that makes them shine.

If you take away the traditional beauty props (makeup, clothing, hair styling, etc.), what makes you feel the most beautiful?

This might sound cliche, but my husband makes me feel beautiful! Whether I’m dressed up for something, or sick with a puffy nose, hacking cough and laying around in my bathrobe! He never fails to make me feel like the most gorgeous thing ever! (That’s why I’m keeping him! ;O)

What do you think about beauty in today’s society?

Over all, I’d say that there is a false view of what beauty is – that whole “Hollywood/model” image of what beauty is. I know very few real men who like the stick thin girls who eat half a salad for dinner. I feel horrible for all those girls out there starving themselves trying to look like that. Thankfully, I do think that there is something of a change coming around on that. Women like Christina Hendricks, from the show Mad Men, who has some seriously killer curves, are starting to get attention and take over the covers of magazines. I hope that trend continues!

If you want to check out more of Mrs. B’s lovely writing on the web, try her Examiner columns, The Domestic Witchery Examiner, and The Newark Cooking Examiner.

Don’t forget to hop over to Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom and enter the giveaway!