Green Lathering in the Shower

We’ve gone through our shampoos and conditioners here on our green beauty journey. But what about the body? Traditional bar soaps aren’t that green, and body washes are an even bigger chemical nightmare! Luckily, there are lots of alternatives.

Make your own body wash. This is easier than it sounds. Just mix a 1:4 ratio of liquid castile soap to filtered water and put it in an old water bottle, or other container. You can add anything you want to this mixture to customize it – aloe vera gel, lavender essential oil, jojoba oil. Just squeeze it onto a washcloth, and viola, you have your own body wash. Admittedly, it is very thin, but it works! Best of all, you can use this for shaving, as well. The castile soap gives the skin a nice, slick surface for your razor. You can even make your own body wash with soap ends. Check out this great tutorial at EcoYogini.

If you prefer soap bars (as I do), I highly recommend Dr. Bronner’s. They are a little pricey at about $4 a bar, but they are one of the safest bar soaps I have found. (You can even find them at Target these days.) I would also recommend looking on Etsy, where you will find many great sellers who make beautiful, affordable, natural bar soaps, like Mirasol Farm.

And here’s a great recipe for DIY shampoo bar if you want to try something other than no-poo or making your own liquid shampoo.