True Beauty: Seeing Oneself Through Another’s Eyes

Amanda and her beautiful baby

Here is another beautiful entry from our Valentine’s Day giveaway, by Amanda. You can check out her beautiful blog, Peace.Love.Babies. here, where she speaks very candidly about the challenges and rewards of motherhood.

Her entry describes a moment in which she sees herself through her husband’s eyes. She realized that her love for her family contributes to her beauty, and that beauty is recognized by all of them.

I often struggle with what it means to feel/be beautiful. Most of the time my mind tells me that it means make up, hair done, clothes well put together. But recently my husband helped to remind me that it’s not about that at all.

I gave birth to our second daughter 3 months ago today. During those first few weeks at home with her I of course didn’t have time nor energy to put a dab of make up on, or sometimes to even brush my hair. One night, I was nursing our Scarlett in bed. My husband leaned over and kissed my head. He whispered in my ear, “You are so beautiful”. That resonated with me. In a time where I felt physically unattractive he reminded me that being a mother and nurturing our daughter was beautiful. Do I wear make up now? Sometimes. Do I do my hair? Usually. But I know that just being who I am and taking care of those that I love is what makes me beautiful.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story, Amanda!