Cocoa Butter Love

At this point in time, the core products of 5 Seed are the cocoa butter-based lip balms and moisturizer. Part of the reason is because I love cocoa butter so much. It smells divine (like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory), and it moisturizes like nothing else. There are others who swear by coconut oil (which is great) or shea butter (also good), but I’ve never found anything to be more effective than cocoa butter.

The moisturizer that will be available on Etsy tomorrow (Orange Cocoa Moisturizing Cream) is actually an experiment that just happened to go oh-so-right. I have been making my own lotions for a long time now, but could never find a recipe I liked. They all seemed to leave my skin either too dry or too greasy, and I could never get the scent right. One afternoon several months ago, I just started throwing items together to see what happened – and I ended up with the most wonderful moisturizer I’ve ever made. That was when I decided to open the shop on Etsy.

The lip balms are from a recipe that I’ve used for quite a while now, and smell just as good as the moisturizer. If you wear both orange cocoas at once, you may find people standing unnaturally close to you throughout the day!

Rest assured, the cocoa butter is not only organic but is fair trade. As many of you know, respect for the earth, its resources, and its people is a top priority here at 5 Seed.

So just a few more hours, and the Etsy shop will be ready to roll tomorrow morning. I will be adding new products as things get rolling, but for now, these are two of my favorites.

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