Chemical-based breath mints or natural breath freshener?

Breath mints and chewing gum are good at freshening the breath. Unfortunately, they come in the form of a potentially hazardous chemical mixture of dyes, preservatives, flavorings, and artificial sweeteners. Polyvinyl acetate is found in gum, and its “parent substance,” vinyl acetate, was poised to make it onto the list of banned toxins in Canada two years ago, due to its potential link with cancer in lab rats. The regulators backed down under intense pressure from gum manufacturers.

Chewing gum and mints also often contain other suspected carcinogens, and other suspected disease-causing chemicals including aspartame, sucralose, acesulfame K, and butylated hydroxyanisol (BHA). Click here for more information.

Further, because of its chemical composition, gum is non-biodegradable. And don’t forget the waste generated by the gum wrappers thrown away every day. It may not seem like much, but imagine how many wrappers and chewed-up gum wads are left in trashcans, on sidewalks, and along the roadside every single day. It all adds up.

How can you freshen your breath in a manner that’s healthy for you and Mother Earth? Carminative seeds are the answer. I have been using carminative seeds as a breath freshener for two years now and can’t imagine going back to the artificial flavor of breath mints, or the jaw pain from chewing gum for hours.

Kiss Eat Exhale is a mixture of organic fennel seeds and organic caraway seeds. Simply grab a pinch from the tin, chew, and swallow. The taste – sweet, earthy, and licorice-y. Fennel tastes a bit like black licorice, by itself, while caraway seeds have a fresh, distinctive flavor. If you have ever had rye bread, then you have encountered the delicious flavor of caraway seeds before.

Here’s the best part about these seeds: Their health properties extend far beyond just freshening the breath. They aid in digestion, prevent bloating, and relieve intestinal gas. (Be sure to have these handy on your next date!) Additionally, fennel and caraway seeds can help ease respiratory ailments including asthma and bronchitis, and other health problems, including IBS.

So go ahead. Kiss. Eat. Exhale.

Please note this information is not intended to diagnose or treat any ailment. It is for educational purposes only.