Feminism and the Perfect Li(f)e: Your Thoughts

Last week, I wrote about social media and how we often let it undermine our confidence and joy. I decided to attach it to feminism because we women are the ones who primarily use social networking, and we are also the ones most prone to comparing ourselves and coming up short. So if we consider ourselves feminists…what can we do to remedy this situation?

My own thoughts about it run the gamut. The best place to start is, no doubt, rooting through the nonsense and getting to the heart of what is going on – our own sense of insecurity, our own fears, our own lack of self-worth. That is something probably all of us could and should work on every day.


Beyond that, I think we need to ask ourselves some serious questions:

1. Is it empowering to women for me to feel like less of a success because of pictures or posts I see on social media sites?

2. Is it empowering to women for me to resent my sisters for all the perfection that they *appear* to have (based on pictures and posts on social media sites)?

3. Is it empowering to women for me to silently (or not) shame, dislike, disregard or tear down my social media sisters?

4. Is it empowering to women (including myself) to post this update/photo/whatever? Am I doing it to share with others or am I looking for approval/likes/retweets/comments?

Here are some interesting comments from you readers:

EcoGrrl says: I think it’s not only about strengthening the sisterhood, but strengthening our brothers as well, the real men. They need to be speaking up to their fellow male friends, coworkers, family members, etc. I posted a TGP column a few weeks back in response to the amazing “Where are Men’s Roar?” TEDtalk that is a beautiful example of a man being, well, a real man.

Maurie commented: I think that if these are the reactions we have as we see the happy stories of others then we need to go inside and work on our own sense of self-worth, self-acceptance and self-love… I for one want to share the things that are beautiful and inspiring in my life or the things I am passionate about. There is so much pain and suffering, complaining and whining and just plain nasty self and other talk out there. I don’t want to add to that. Sure, I’ll share a struggle from time to time, but for me personally, I just want to share the beauty more. That’s what I want to focus on.

Thank you, ladies! Anyone else have some thoughts?

Happy Friday! :)

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2 thoughts on “Feminism and the Perfect Li(f)e: Your Thoughts

  1. I like your last comment – focus on our strengths not our insecurities…yet don’t be afraid to open up about what we are struggling with, because there is a whole community out there that has struggled in life. Knowing we’re not the only one who’s gone down that road can be hella comforting and in fact diminish the power of that negative force because it’s something that others have fought with as well.

    One of my favorite questions in my Thursday EcoGrrl interviews is the “how can women best support other women” – because honestly, we don’t do it enough. Our society often pits women in competition with each other instead of as allies, and I can’t count the many times that women have been surprised when I say hello on the street or compliment their dress or something smart they said – we don’t do that enough for each other, and while it takes practice if you’re naturally shy, it’s SO beneficial.

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