Pedalin’: February 2013

Though January was a cold, bike-challenging month, February was just the opposite. I was thrilled to have day after day of sunshine and weather in the 50′s. It couldn’t have been more glorious. And inspired by the weather, I was reinvigorated in my commitment to ride, even when it was very cold. As such, I was able to bike most days this month:

Feb ‘12

Feb ‘13







This is actually really big for me. I’ve never made it less than 3 days driving. This month, I almost made my goal of bicycling every day. What kills me is that I would have if it hadn’t been for a schedule problem. I was rolling (literally) out of my house on February 13th, when my cell phone rang. I stopped to answer it and was asked to come in and sub for another teacher for the entire day. Because of that, I had to turn around and take my car, as I wouldn’t have had time after my shift to ride home, get the car and drive to Job #2. Darn!! So close. But I’m stoked, regardless!

My February bicycle commuting was full of new adventures, challenges and amazing encounters:

::When I started my third job, which requires me to be at work at 7:30 AM, I decided to challenge myself and take my bike. I had to leave at 7 AM, just when the sun is rising here, and wow! I haven’t bicycled at sunrise for years, and that was back when I was riding for fitness, not for commuting. The sky was stunning, and even though it was freezing, I was able to stay warm with my giant wool sweater and wool scarf. Meeting this challenge really boosted my confidence.


This picture doesn’t do the sunrise justice!

::Thanks to the nice weather, it seemed like everyone was out on their bikes and scooters and I had a blast “bicycle watching.” My favorite was the elderly woman who passed me on a tricycle on a gray, windy day! (Man, I want a trike! Makes me think of my friend, Stepheny!)

::I pulled Madeleine out of the garage on several occasions when I had more to carry than I could fit in the mountain bike’s basket. It was hard-going, being as the front wheel is bent, but I’m only a few weeks from being able to afford a new rim! I do miss Madeleine – especially the ability to wear skirts while bicycling – but I have to admit, I’ve been loving the speed, suspension system and maneuverability of the mountain bike.


::One day, while dropping off an order at the post office, I leaned a heavily-laden Madeleine against a tree to lock her up and the weight of my cargo pulled her right over. She took a bad fall (luckily nothing was damaged but the paint), and hearing the ruckus, an elderly woman rushed to my aid, thinking I was hurt. I assured her I was fine and she helped me get Madeleine upright and get the lock on. She said she was a “sister biker” and gave me a big hug. It was the most amazing moment. How often would that happen when traveling by car?

And here comes March! I am always tempted to think that by this time of year, it’ll be smooth sailing for bicycle commuting. Winter is ending, spring is in the air. But March can be a pretty unpredictable month and tends to be the month I hate the most, when it comes to bicycle commuting. Heck, last year, it was snowing as I wrote the Pedalin’ post on March 31st.

But right now, I feel ready for it. I’ve had a great month on the bicycle and I feel confident that I can kick some butt this March!

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2 thoughts on “Pedalin’: February 2013

  1. Wow! Congratulations on beating last year’s record! You are so inspiring, and I love hearing about your adventures. What a blessing to experience the kindness of that woman, too.

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