What If #5


I tend to think of myself in the same way, year after year, no matter what has changed. And it’s usually not a flattering self-portrait. The me that I want to be often seems impossibly far away. What if that amazing person is here, already? Right now? What if becoming that amazing person only takes one shift of perception?

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2 thoughts on “What If #5

  1. The reality around me and you is always changing because we are moving, life is moving, everything is in motion. To say that I have always wanted to be something is not possible because I have changed my mind and direction many times throughout life. I have made transformations.

    What I want to be right now is myself, truly and genuinely. I want to be loving and compassionate to everyone without judgement. I want to inspire and motivate those around me to love themselves and shine their light. I want to be healthy and nourished so I can fully help those around me to also be healthy in body, mind, and spirit. :) That is the path I am on.

    You are the best at being you and no one can replace you. I love to read about your journey through life. You are so open and honest. Thank you for sharing.

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