What If #1

A lot of my blogger friends are doing (or have been doing) a weekly feature, short and sweet. In order to work on my blogging discipline, I’ve decided to start What If Wednesdays. These posts will be short and simple, asking you to consider one possibility for the day (or week). After two difficult years and one year of building myself back up, I feel ready to make some serious mental shifts. These are the questions that come to me when I’m journaling or meditating, and while some may seem silly or shallow, they are all (for me) major shifts in perception.



How would that change your perception? How would you interact with people in that frame of mind?

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11 thoughts on “What If #1

  1. I so love the idea of What If.. Wednesday! Adorable and totally mind expanding!! And in response to this What if…

    I would be my real self and do exactly what it is that I feel like doing in every moment! I would dance a silly dance and sing super loud mid-sentence, I would show people what I made today and tell everyone that I love them! I would scream with joy because everyone loves me!

    One of my intentions for the year is to Release Judgement.. judgement of everyone, of myself, to be truly accepting and open to everything in the moment that it occurs and be truly free! Just be. I think that to love everyone and share that love will help me get a grip on my goal!

    Thank you for sharing this. You are beautiful! AND I LOVE YOU!

  2. I really like your idea of what if wednesday! It will be a nice way to expand the possibilities :) if everyone loved me today, i would be sooo relieved…. Knowing i have no one to please, no taking care of how someone would perceive what i say or do in case they misinterprete the wrong way…. Not to have to explain myself anymore! That would be so great!
    Sending more Love your way!

    • @Cul de Sac: That’s how I feel, too! It makes me feel like the expectations are off and I don’t have to be afraid of or worry about what people will think of me. A relief! :)

  3. Love this idea!!! I’m tickled because there’s a bit of what if in a poem that touched me that will be in my Friday post… it must be in the air! This is a great journaling prompt… I think I’ll copy the question and sit with a cup of tea and ponder it… with my bright orange pen… delightful!

  4. If I expected that I would be loved by everyone I encountered today, I would be setting myself up for failure and disappointment because I would think that they didn’t act like they loved me enough. People are going through their own journey and trials and they might be too self absorbed to see how wonderful and awesome I am, ha ha.

    I have been trying to be free in my own skin and just be happy and healthy and live my life and avoid the drama and politics and rumours that spirt about. I’m trying to do me and not caring what others think. If they have judgments about me, they probably last for a few seconds and they move on to someone/something else. No need to waste my precious time worrying about that! Also, I saw a quote on Facebook which said “What others think of you is none of your business”. That is kind’ve liberating! No one is perfect, we all have good days and bad days. If you try to be a kind good person, everyone you encounter will love you! And if they don’t, screw em, cause they are probably just jealous!

    For my encounter with you on the interwebs on this fine evening, add me to your “loved” encounter list. I think you are fabulous!

    • @T: It was very hard for me to write this question in a way that wouldn’t be misunderstood. I get what you mean about the whole worrying about what others think, but the LONG version of that post would be this: What if you expected that everyone you encountered loved you without attaching that love or expectation of love to their behavior and without having an attachment to their feelings about you. (LOL – that’s why I didn’t write it like that – too long!)

      In other words, what if we could go out into the world and just expect love? As if it’s all around, all the time. If we have a negative encounter with someone, it’s easy to brush off because we expect that underneath that behavior, there is love. We don’t have to be afraid of what other people think, or what they do, because we are expecting love and knowing that it is surrounding us.

      I think I meant this question to be an opening of the floodgates – that love is pouring toward us from every direction. What if we not just EXPECT that, but BELIEVE it? Just something I was thinking of a few days ago… :)

      Thanks and you’re on my love list, too! <3

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