Resolve to Love #11: Feed Your Soul

I thought I would be able to post a lot more about last month’s challenge, but I simply didn’t have the time. But I do have at least one post coming up about RtL #10. Stay tuned!

Until then, we are getting close to wrapping it up! Two more challenges, including this one (which seems impossible – where does the time go?!). This month’s challenge is to feed your soul.

Copyright: Five Seed

Maybe this is the wrong time of year to focus on self-care – or maybe the timing is actually JUST RIGHT. With the holiday season starting up, it’s going to be pretty easy to over-schedule, over-work, over-extend. It seems like a rest, a reward, to plop down in front of the TV and just enjoy the media coma. It’s easy to grab whatever sweet treats are around at this time of year (pie, brownies, cookies, candy) to curb our between-meal hunger. Who has time to stop and cook something? Unfortunately, neither of these things counts as feeding the soul, even though one is rest and one is indulgence. Rest and indulgence is good, but not if it numbs you, instead of feeding you.

This challenge is going to be tough because it’s going to require a lot of listening to yourself – something that’s not easy to do at this time of year. What do you need? What will nourish you? A nap? Carving out time to read a good book? Taking a tea break? Spending down time with your kids? Taking a walk/bike ride/run? Meditating? Yoga? Going out to dinner with your partner?

It seems like the nourishing option is often the one we don’t choose, in favor of the “coma” option (watching TV, playing a computer game, mindlessly eating processed snack food, etc.). For some reason, it is hard to make the healthier choice.

Here’s a list of the “food for the soul” that I’ve been working into my days:

1. Drinking tea, three times a day (my high-calcium blend twice daily and whatever else I feel I need – licorice root, goldenrod, red clover blossom – somewhere in the middle of the day)

2. Kombucha tea in place of sweets (an expensive substitute, but worth it)

3. Reading almost every night

4. Going home right after work to rest and cutting back on social time – I’ve just been too tired lately

5. Making fresh veggie/fruit juices whenever possible

6. Cutting back on commitments

7. Making sure I get some exercise in at least four times a week (bicycling, yoga, walking the dog)

8. Meditating several times a week (still working on keeping it up every day!)

9. Listening to uplifting podcasts while I’m working around the house instead of turning on Netflix

10. Journaling

What food for the soul are you going to give yourself this month?

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6 thoughts on “Resolve to Love #11: Feed Your Soul

  1. I’m going to give myself permission to not have everything figured out at every moment. (sigh…)

    time to start thinking about what 2013 is going to look like…

  2. nice list and nice challenge! and challenge it is…
    the thing I’m so glad (relieved, happy, overjoyed…pick the one you like!) is I decided to cut down the amount of gifts we are giving this year for Xmas…. I felt it was way too much (my kids have overflowing rooms) and it was stressing me out to think of what to buy (we ALL have (but my son) our birthday during Xmas time… no kidding, My husband, and oldest (nov 18th) me (dec 10) my youngest (dec 23) my mom (dec 26) my dad (jan 4) my brother (jan 12) so it was always double the gifts thing. With my in laws we decided not to give each other gifts and with my family it will be a couple of gifts that’s all! THAT is the best gift for me ever! and we don’t need that much stuff lying around anyway, it will teach my kids to be careful in what they want and that they can’t get everything they ask for (never had, but it will be more stong this year lol!) And I won’t be running like crazy doing stores after stores (I hate shopping!)
    Now I need to make time each week to be creative and sew a bit, but since I started school I’m way to tired at night to be doing anything than being on the iPad ;(

    • @Cul de Sac: LOVE it! I am trying to marjorly cut back on holiday stuff this year, too. I imagine with b’days around that same time, it must be doubly tough! That’s a lot of work/money/effort/celebrating! LOL! Glad to hear you have made a decision that feeds your soul!

  3. Wow. As I mentally composed my list of “soul food”, this is what kept happening.

    Me : I’m going to take some time out of every day to read.
    My-energy-sucking-conscience :Na-uh, you’ve got to read some scientific essays for school!
    Me : I am going to make more of an effort to prep healthy fall meals.
    My-energy-sucking-conscience : Nope, you need to devote the majority of your time on that big essay, and you’re already taking to much time with that job of yours!
    Me : Each evening after dinner, I’ll knit a couple of rounds on my socks.
    MESC : Clean the dishes! Sweep! Laundry! Mop!

    It’s gotten to the point where there is so much to do, and I have so little time and energy, that any minor indulgence can’t even be enjoyed due to guilt. But, now’s exactly the time where I need to take that time for myself…

    • @Krystal: I laughed when I read this because I can SO relate! Having just got a second job, I feel I am always behind and always tired! But I am learning to let the little things go. If it’s a choice between 30 minutes of resting or doing the dishes, I will usually opt for the rest. The reason is the health issue I’ve been having – I’m terrified of having another relapse, and so housework gets pushed down the list! I’ll post more on this later!

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