Pedalin’: October 2012

Lots has changed around here that has seriously affected my efforts at bicycle commuting. I’m continuing to struggle with health issues and illness, for one thing. For another, I took on a second job at a different school that is about 6 miles away on a rural highway – not one I want to bicycle on after dark. As such, I’m driving 12 miles a day, Monday through Thursday – not an option, I’m sorry to say!

A sad attempt at a timer photo.

So for these posts, I’ll continue to keep a tally of how much I bicycle to my primary job, just as I have in the past. I’m considering keeping a tally of my driving mileage, as well, but for now, I’ll stick to the basics:

15 days on the bike

6 days driving the car

You can now follow me on, to see my totals. It’s a super fun way to keep track of your own bicycle commuting, as well! (Or running or walking or whatever.)

As for Madeleine, I removed her second basket, after having yet another flat tire two weeks ago. I kept looking at the back tire as I rode and it was bulging from the weight of the two baskets…and me. Taking off one basket wasn’t that much weight to lose, but I can already feel a difference. Now I’ll have to take a lightweight, canvas bag to work with me for my extra stuff and just tie it to the back with a bungee – much lighter. She rides a lot easier, now, which I appreciate, especially on these windy fall days.

All in all, it was a great month for any kind of commuting. This is my favorite time of year. The leaves are so dazzling and everything outside is stunningly beautiful. This is what I got to look at:

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One thought on “Pedalin’: October 2012

  1. Finally figured out how to comment again on your blog as it’s at the top not the bottom of the post :) 15 days is still very good! I am SO glad to have it not in downpour mode and gorgeous P-town fall weather for a few days here. I had a rental car for about a week for staycation and it turned me into a total lazy bum! Fortunately I used it to drive to the gym every day in the downpour, but as far as getting out on my bike it was a different story! Glad it’s gone and I’m back to my two wheel habits, although I’m loving the walks in the falling leaves as well :-)

    Enjoy the rides before the cold sets in!

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