Pedalin’: May 2012

I can hardly believe that June is here and there is only one more week of work before summer break begins! These last two months have literally whooshed past me at the speed of light.

Madeleine and I have been in bicycle commuting heaven (for this most part) lately. My totals for the month of May*:

16 days on the bike

5 days driving the car

These are the exact same numbers as last month, somehow! I honestly don’t remember why I drove my car those first few days of the month. I drove it yesterday because I needed to bring in large stage props for a play my students are putting on next week. On a slightly breezy day with temps in the high 70′s, you can imagine how much I would have rather been bicycling! If only!

Copyright: Five Seed

I was blessed with lovely weather this past month. May can be pretty frigid around here, but this month, it was mostly mild and sometimes downright hot. I did get caught in two downpours and despite my rain poncho, I got soaked. But mostly, it was glorious outside.

I did have a couple slight bumps in the road, though. In late April, my hand-me-down iPod broke. Not a big deal, I know, but I am obsessed with listening to audio books during my commute to work. After weeks of research and pro/con lists, I finally bought a Sony MP3 player and I love it. I’m enjoying The Gilly Salt Sisters each day on my way to work.

My second bump was more literal. Two days ago, while looking up at the tree branches as I rode (typical behavior for me), I rolled over freshly laid tar in the road – so fresh it was still in its liquid state. It left two fat stripes of tar on each tire, which promptly gathered a mess of stones and gravel and my subsequent rides have had an interesting Southern Californian freeway feel. Tha-thum, tha-thum, tha-thum. My co-worker, an avid bicyclist, advised me to wait it out – that the tar would eventually wear away, for the most part. But I’m pretty annoyed with myself for not paying closer attention to the road!

I won’t have much to report next month, as far as work commutes go. I have only five commutes left until September! It actually makes me a little sad! However, I will continue to ride to the post office for my Five Seed customers and will be using my bicycle to pick up my CSA share, starting next week. And who knows – maybe I’ll actually get around to starting my bicycle gang this summer!

*These totals only reflect my workday commutes. I don’t count weekends in these tallies. During the winter, I tend to average between 50/50 and 40/60 with the bike and car, respectively, for errands and other non-work-related commutes. In the summer and early fall, I tend to do almost all my errands on the bicycle.

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