Pedalin’: February 2012

Can you believe I’m actually posting this on time! :)

My bicycle commuting stats for my work days:

12 days on the bike

8 days driving the car

I would have taken my bike the past three days of February, but on the 27th, I woke up to this:

Copyright: Five Seed

Yep – bikes in the garage, car outside! :) I’ve got my priorities straight!

This was the first snow of the winter season! It’s very unusual in this area to have had so little snow. Unfortunately, these early days of March are not showing much of a change in the weather. It’s been bitter cold and I’ll probably be driving to work tomorrow. :(

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2 thoughts on “Pedalin’: February 2012

  1. That’s so funny to see your car outside & bikes in the garage :) Brrrr – that looks like very cold weather. Congratulations on all your days of biking this month. You continue to inspire me!

    • @Melanie: Yeah, that always makes me laugh, too. I used to keep my bike in the garage in front of my car, but then I got the trailer, and then the blue bike and now…there’s just no room for everything so the car had to go! :)

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