1,000 Miles

Before we get back to the feminism discussion, I wanted to share some exciting news. (Well, exciting to me!)

I only change the oil in my car once a year – partly because I don’t drive it much, and partly for other reasons. Of course, I’m extremely vigilant about checking the oil regularly and making sure it is clean.

So…I got my oil changed last August (2010) and they put the usual sticker on the windshield reminding me to come back by November, or when I hit the next 3,000 miles. And I didn’t think much about it again until…

September 2011 rolled around and I realized I was overdue for an oil change. I looked at the sticker and imagine my surprise to find that I was 1,000 miles below the 3,000 miles they estimated I would reach by November 2010! Thirteen months later, I still had 1,000 miles to go to reach a number they estimated I would reach in just three months! It just goes to show how much I’ve been bicycling this year – and I didn’t even realize what an impact it was making!

Silly as it sounds, I like to think that I saved a polar bear – or two – this year!