Please Oppose GMO Alfalfa

I opened my Google Reader today and found lots of blog posts about the upcoming legislation regarding the production of GMO alfalfa. As you can imagine, I was furious and scared and about a million other things. I’m against any GMO crops, but alfalfa – this is huge. This is something that has the potential to infiltrate so many corners of our current food supply, which is already contaminated enough with pesticides and pollutants.

I am hoping that you readers will take just a moment to click on this link and type in your name, email address and zip code – no other information is required. The petition letter is already written, so it will literally take you three minutes to do this.

If you have more time and are as upset about this as I am, write to your congressmen and women. Drop a note to the president and vice president. Just keep going – make your voice heard!