Your Stories on Skin Care

From the lovely Leanne Daharja (NZ) of Hazeltree Farm (formerly known as Cluttercut):

1. Washing my hair less often.

I have dry hair, and find that washing my hair once a week is absolutely often enough to keep oiliness at bay. Any more, and the chlorine and contaminants in our tap water start to dry my hair out. I also never use shop-bought shampoo and conditioner (except very rarely when travelling) – I’ve been using bicarbonate soda (baking soda) and apple cider vinegar for nearly three years now, and my hair has never been better.

2. Rarely using soap, unless I’m truly dirty! And showering less often.

I don’t use soap. Water and a loofah work fine most days. I only use soap if I’m truly dirty i.e. have ground in dirt from the garden. Soap – no matter what claims it has or its maker has – dried out my skin and causes me to have rashes.

I’ve also started showering less often, and find that in our cool New Zealand climate that works brilliant for me. Apparently the Norwegians only shower once a week – I’m building up to that, but even showering less than daily is helping my skin improve as it re-establishes natural oil balance.

From the lovely Chandelle (California) of Chicken Tender:

Photo used with permission.

Yarrow, lavender and peppermint liniment

***Please submit YOUR natural beauty tips to I am happy to include links to your blog and/or store. Just include the following: your name (or initials, screen name, etc.), location & age (optional), link, and of course, at least one natural beauty tip!

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