Ecouture: Full Spiral Designs

I was recently contacted by the lovely Jess of Full Spiral Designs. She wanted to do a guest post here. When I clicked onto her store link, I was totally blown away by her rustic, creative designs.

This post is a little teaser. She and I thought an Ecouture post would be appropriate, as she makes her jewelry from recycled metals. Here is an excerpt from her environmental policy (and you know I LOVE businesses that HAVE an environmental policy!):

I strive to use eco friendly materials in all of my jewelry pieces whenever possible.

All of my silver, copper and gold is 100% recycled and milled in Australia.  My supplier buys scrap metal from jewellery and industry, and mills their wire and sheet metals using moden, environmentally friendly machinery.

Without further ado, here are some pieces that are particular favorites of mine. The first three are from FSD’s newest collection called Chunky Tribal Jewelry.

Be sure to check back next month for a wonderful post by Jess!

Photos used with permission.

If you have a green-minded fashion, beauty or jewelry business (or the like) please contact me to be featured in an Ecouture post:

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4 thoughts on “Ecouture: Full Spiral Designs

  1. I love Jess’s designs and philosophy. Just found your site through her FB page, nice work, I’m now a follower! Look forward to seeing the guest feature :)

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