Naked Face: Me

Yes, here it is. The promised picture of me, sans makeup. Guess what? It was surprisingly harder than I thought it would be!

This picture was taken on June 21, 2010. I washed my hair with baking soda that morning, and an ACV rinse. I let it air dry and did not add any products. No makeup, either. No foundation, no eyeliner, no blush. I also went for a walk and a bike ride before this picture was taken, so I was a little sweaty!

This is the way I look most of the time, even out in public. But putting it on the internet is a lot harder than I thought it would be! Whew!

I’m still hoping to post a collage of brave participants (anonymous, if you like). Please join me and send your pics to

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15 thoughts on “Naked Face: Me

    • Lisa, thank you – that is so sweet. Believe me, my skin is anything but perfect. It’s easy to look perfect when the camera can’t see up close. I will be talking about this very soon on the blog – I’m finally ready to tackle the issue of skin care! Ahhh!

  1. I think you look just as fabulous as in the pic on your sidebar “all done up”! who needs makeup? I only wear it when my skin is REALLY bad, or for special occasions. I’ll try and send a pic sooner rather than later! (was waiting for my breakout to clear up :-p)

    • Thanks, Callah! Actually, in the sidebar pic, I am only wearing eyeliner and blush. No foundation, no concealer, no mascara, no lip color. I WANTED to use that…so tempting…but I wanted to be totally honest and use a recent pic of me not wearing ANY makeup at all.

  2. You really do look beautiful, and I’ve seen you sans makeup in person so I KNOW its the truth! Also, this is the first time I’ve seen your revamped website and I almost had a heart attack I love it so much!!!!! Sorry it takes me so long, I tend to check out all my fave blogs every month or so… I’m slow. But anyway, WOW! I love it! SOOOOOOOOO perfect!!!!

  3. you look beautiful! and i don’t think its the fact of no make up. you are so active, you eat well, living life to the fullest. i understand what you mean about actually putting your face on the net. its easier when you are in your every daily element of hearth and home. i just might get the courage to join you…

  4. i’ve never been one for makeup, occasionally a red lipstick but that’s about it, just spf 15 moisturizer to protect from the elements…skin needs to breathe, ladies! let it and you’ll be amazed at how it will clear up, i promise! we’re not supposed to look like magazines, we’re supposed to look like human beings…embrace your natural face and let’s make this the norm rather than the exception…kudos to fiveseed…(my turn to show a no-makeup face @ or

    • Thanks, Heather! I just have this thing about my eyes – if I’m feeling insecure, sometimes the only thing I need to do is line my eyes a little and then I feel better! I don’t know why, but I feel like my eyes get so washed out without makeup. Plus, I look a little beaky in this picture! ;) But the more I look at it, the more I see beyond all those stupid insecurities.

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