A Collage for our Naked Face feature

If you are new to Five Seed, you may not know that I love encouraging women to go au naturel as often as they feel comfortable. No makeup, no hair products.

Tyra Banks with a naked face

Brave and beautiful Melanie of No New Plastic was our first participant. I fully intend to upload a picture of myself sans makeup, but have been too lazy to get to it. I have also received another photo of a lovely reader – it was so exciting to finally see her face! However, she requested that I not post the picture by itself, but rather in a collage with other participants – which I think is a fabulous idea.

If you are concerned about privacy (as this reader was), or if you are uncomfortable showing your naked face to the world, you can still participate. Just send your picture (no makeup, no hair products) to five5seed@gmail.com and let me know that you want to be anonymously included in the collage project. I’ll save these photos until we have enough – say 20 or more – to put together a good collage.

Don’t be scared – join in!

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6 thoughts on “A Collage for our Naked Face feature

  1. Now that is something I’d be interested in, a collage. :) Perhaps this weekend I’ll get a picture taken. I wish I got my haircut first though, like I was going to do 2 weeks ago! (Last haircut was in December or January!)

  2. woo hoo! i’ve never worn foundation and the most i ever do is the occasional red lip. i love it – my skin stays free :) although i will always wear a moisturizer with sunscreen on my pale face :)

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