True Beauty: Kombucha Mama Michelle Plantenberg

Jamie Danek and Michelle Plantenberg

I recently fell in love with kombucha, and was so pleased to find that we have a local company that brews the perfect blend! Meet Michelle Plantenberg, one half of the Kombucha Mamas (her partner is the effervescent Jamie Danek). Here’s what she had to say about True Beauty.

What makes someone truly beautiful, in your opinion?

A quiet mind, a love-filled heart, and a peaceful soul.

If you take away the traditional beauty props (makeup, clothing, hair styling, etc.), what makes you feel the most beautiful?

When my mind is quiet and my heart is open. fresh air, a morning walk, a smile from a stranger all help, and I’ve noticed that i only really see these things when my mind is quiet.

Thanks, Michelle!

Read more about Kombucha Mama here. You can become a fan on Facebook here, and be sure to check out their website if you live in Oregon and want to know where to buy their delicious kombucha!

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