True Beauty with Good Green Witch

Meet Rhonda, author of the fiery, informative, Mother Earth-loving blog Good Green Witch.

I absolutely LOVE what she has to say about True Beauty:

Tell me about the Good Green Witch – the person and the blog. What is your background? What made you start your blog?

The Good Green Witch was “born” out of a desire to blend my spiritual Earth-based beliefs with instructing people on how to be a little greener. My love for Nature can be traced back to my favorite childhood television show, Hodge Podge Lodge. The blog came about because I wanted to be able to reach out more, to point out to people how they can be greener, and to try to raise awareness of what we do in our day-to-day lives that could be changed. It’s nice to have a place where I can say what I wish without censoring myself!

What were your greatest challenges and successes in greening your beauty routine?

Greening a beauty routine can be very challenging. There are a lot of plastics and chemicals involved in make-up and creams and skin products. That’s a nightmare for someone trying to be greener! I try to get around the greenwashing, find truly natural products, and avoid plastic when I can. For instance, why buy foundation in a plastic bottle when you can find one in a glass bottle? Jars, both plastic and glass, have many reuses once the cream is gone. My husband and I use baking soda for shampoo AND deoderant, and I use an apple-cider vinegar rinse instead of conditioner, so I feel pretty good about the plastic we are avoiding and the chemicals we are not using.

How do you define “true beauty?”

“True Beauty”… hmmm…. to me, someone who is truly beautiful lives in harmony with the Earth and Nature. It’s real. It’s not superficial. It’s within. It’s concern for the things around us. It’s something I need to focus on a little more. I tend to see too much ugliness around me, and I know it’s because true beauty is truly rare. But we see what we want to see, and we need to make sure we want to see the beauty around us. [YW: I added the bold here because this statement stood out so much for me.]

If you take away all the traditional props (makeup, hair styling, etc.), what makes you feel the most beautiful?

The thing that makes me feel the most beautiful is my husband’s expression when he looks at me with love, first thing in the morning, when my hair is all sticky-uppy and my eyes are all puffy and I need to brush my teeth. There’s just no marketing that! Plus, I can only improve on that after coffee and a shower!

Thanks, Rhonda!

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Photo used with permission.

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