GIVEAWAY: Foulard Threads

I’m thrilled to announce a giveaway – for something other than my own products! I recently stumbled upon a beautiful store on Etsy called Foulard Threads. The designer, Kristin, is very talented and creative – her “ecouture” scarves are beautiful works of art! She very kindly offered to do a giveaway on 5 Seed, and I’m so excited. This is extra special, as she is giving away ANY ITEM IN HER SHOP that you like. That’s right – any scarf you want, or a t-shirt! Winner’s choice! Now that’s amazing!

Here’s what Kristin has to say about herself and Foulard Threads:

I’ve loved to create new and beautiful things out of discarded and unloved items for as long as I can remember. I spent my childhood in the country with a family of boys, a stay at home mom, and a dad who owned a small carpentry business. So needless to say, rather than making beaded jewelry or fuzzy key chains from store bought kits like my friends, I spent much of my time creating with whatever I could find. Whether it be pottery from clay I dug up from the creek running through our woods, little creatures constructed from glued together pieces of my dad’s scrap wood, or doll clothes made with my mom’s vintage fabrics, I was always looking for ways to fulfill my creative drive.

The years of creating from limited resources has made me the artist I am today. I love to find someone’s “trash” and see how many different and beautiful things I can create from it. It’s so much fun to stretch myself and force my mind to be as creative as I know how to be!

Foulardthreads is my newest creative venture; a way to share my creativity and to put it to work for me (after all, I am a 21 year old poor college student!) I hope that you feel beautiful whenever you throw one of these eco-friendly, handmade scarves on, as well as inspired to look for beauty in the old and discarded!

How do you enter to win one of these fabulous creations? Here’s the how-to:

1. Go to Foulard Threads, come back here and leave a comment about which item you’d like to win. (This statement does not commit you to an item. You may change your mind if you are picked as the winner. Please realize that the item you’ve chosen for this giveaway may sell out by the time the giveaway ends.)

2. If you tweet about this giveaway on your Twitter account, you will be eligible for a second entry. (Tweet the following so I can see it: #Giveaway @5Seed: Foulard Threads scarves & t-shirts. Remember, you must add a SECOND comment after tweeting in order to be counted as a second entry.

3. You may blog about this giveaway for a third entry. Come back and add another comment to this post with a link back to your blog – to the page where you posted about the giveaway.


1. You must be a resident of the United States or Canada.

2. Any entry without a valid email address will not be counted.

3. Each comment counts as ONE entry. Each person is limited to three entries.

4. Entries that don’t follow the instructions will not be counted.

5. Comments must be made on THIS post, here at this blog. Not on Facebook.

This giveaway will end on Wednesday, May 12, 2010, at 6 p.m., PST. The winner will be contacted via email, at which time he/she may choose his/her prize from Foulard Thread‘s inventory.

Thanks, Kristin! And good luck, readers!

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29 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Foulard Threads

  1. those are great! totaly unique take on the scarf….love it. Right now i am really loving the oxford shirt in deep blue!

  2. Love the nautical polka dot and the polo and the oxford and the how could you go wrong with any of them. Brilliant idea for scarves. I love them all!

  3. Love, love, love the polo in light teal with all the little pokies. It reminds me of robin eggs, the sweet sounds of summer, and the fact that it is okay to be a little rough around the edges and not perfect.

  4. I LOVE the Oxford in blue polka dots! These scarfs are just genius! Thank you Furlough Threads for making a change in a beautiful way! :)

  5. I adore these! Such a beautiful way to be green and stylish. If I HAD to pick, I’d choose the oxford in purple and white. But, that’s just today. I could have 3-4 of these!

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