Saving Water in the Shower

The average American takes an 8-minute shower, and uses 17 gallons of fresh water in the process. And the average American showers every single day – sometimes more than once. That’s a lot of fresh water – and money – going down the drain.

Danze Victorian Shower Head - Only 1.5 GPM!

What can you do to save water in the shower?

::Install low-flow showerheads. These easy-to-install devices save about 2 gallons of water per minute. To put that into perspective, a family of four would save about 20,000 gallons per year (NDRC). (Think of the savings on your water bill!)

::Turn off the shower when you lather up and shave. Do the math. If it takes you at least a minute to shave and at least a minute to lather up, that’s approximately 5 gallons of water saved!

::Shower with your honey. That’s two showers for the price of one. If you’re an average American, that means 17 gallons saved.

::Keep a bucket in the bathroom and put it under the faucet when you’re waiting for the water to get hot. Use it to water your lawn/garden.

::Take shorter showers. Some of us (okay, me) really love, love, love long, hot showers. But limit those long showers to weekly – or better yet, montly – luxuries. Learn to take “Jennifer Aniston showers.” Aniston says, “I take a three-minute shower… Every two minutes in the shower uses as much water as a person in Africa uses for everything in their life for a whole day!” Set a timer when you take a shower – you may be surprised by how much you dawdle!

::If you have trouble shortening the length of your shower, simply shower less often. Most of us do not need to shower every single day, especially in winter. I only shower once every other day and have had this routine for nearly two years – even in the summer. Remember – it’s the best thing you can do for your hair! And you’ll be saving about 51 gallons of water per week.

Just for kicks, here’s a clip from Seinfeld – one of my favorite episodes. Obviously, Kramer doesn’t use a low-flow shower head! But you’ll get a laugh out it.

Herbal Aromatherapy Perfume: Sveva

Each Herbal Aromatherapy Perfume is named after an earth-lovin’ lady. This one is named after Sveva Gallmann, daughter to philanthropist and conservationist, Kuki Gallmann. Thirty-year-old Sveva is no stranger to hardship. Growing up in Kenya, she lost her father before she was born, and her brother when she was three. As an adult, she started Four Generations, a program that helps African schoolchildren preserve their tribal history. She is also involved in her mother’s organization, the Gallmann Africa Conservancy.

A few years ago, in Marie Claire, Sveva said something that has stuck with me: “Coming back to the U.S., I am often shocked at the misery that Westerners feel sometimes. I have friends buckling under pressure and taking Prozac, feeling trapped by their jobs . . . depression, insecurity, anorexia. What strikes me about Africa is the resilience that keeps people moving forward even after the most brutal experiences. Look at Rwanda, and how they’ve rebuilt. People are ingenious in how they cope with life’s shortcomings.” This really puts life into perspective.

Sveva & Kuki Gallmann

Our Sveva blend contains the organic essential oils of patchouli, and sweet orange, and organic vanilla absolute oil. The blend of the scents is earthy, feminine, sweet, and vital. Patchouli oil is a balancing oil. In aromatherapy, it is sometimes used to repel negative emotions. Sweet orange oil is uplifting, and clears the mind. Vanilla oil is soothing and calming. This relaxing oil is the perfect complement to two oils that sweep the dust out of the mind, clarify thoughts, and dispel depression, anxiety, and negativity.

Don’t forget to read this important information about essential oils before making a purchase.

Picture of Gallman by Nell Freeman.