Beautiful Imperfections at a Beautiful Price

When making beauty products, there’s always a little bit of product leftover at the end of the process that is too hard to pour and that doesn’t dry with a smooth surface. I call this the “sludge.” Not a pretty name, and it doesn’t LOOK pretty, either, but it works just as well.

I tend to get a lot of “sludge tins” when making Sankalpa Scents because the candelilla wax hardens very quickly, and I don’t want to compromise the oils by heating them, cooling them, and heating them again. I used to give these “sludge tins” to my friends, but eventually, there are too many to give away! I’ve decided to sell these at a discounted price for those of you who’d like to try the Sankalpa Scents and don’t mind imperfection!

And speaking of imperfection, a small percentage of our tins don’t work the way they should. What does that mean? Simply that the tops are loose, and therefore, wouldn’t be appropriate to carry in your purse, where the top might fall off. The product itself is absolutely perfect – it’s only the tins that don’t work so well.

Both of these items will start appearing on the Etsy store. Sometimes, it will be for a specific item. Other times, it will be a general category (usually Sankalpa Scents), and what you receive will be a surprise.

So be sure to keep an eye out for our Loose Lid Discounts and Sludge Tin Discounts! Embrace imperfection – and its great, low price! ;)

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4 thoughts on “Beautiful Imperfections at a Beautiful Price

    • Hi Angelia! I’m so so glad you like it! I was worried about the “sludge tins” being too ugly and messy for people. But I’m THRILLED to hear that you don’t mind! Thanks!!

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