Herbal Aromatherapy Perfume: Butterfly

I’m so excited about this fragrance. It is my absolute favorite. A mix of ylang ylang and vanilla – perfect scent mates.

This Herbal Aromatherapy Perfume (formerly known as Sankalpa Scents) is named after Julia Butterfly Hill, who, in the late nineties, spent 738 days living in a 180-foot tall, 1,500-year-old California Redwood tree in order to save it from being cut down. Hill has become an environmental icon since then, inspiring others to stand up for what they believe in with compassion and gentle fortitude.

Butterfly contains organic ylang ylang essential oil and organic vanilla absolute oil. These two scents blend seamlessly into the most delicate, feminine fragrance. Not surprisingly, both these oils have similar aromatherapy properties. They are extremely soothing, allowing you to breathe deeply and relax. They are even used to help people fall asleep. Additionally, both are prized for their aphrodisiacal properties, and their ability to make people feel buoyant and cheerful.

The beauty of this blend is that each scent completely merges into the other. You can’t tell where one ends and one begins. And as the hours pass, the scent transforms, with the ylang ylang fading ever so slightly to let the vanilla take center stage. It is one of the best fragrance blends I have ever experienced.

Check out this wonderful, short clip of Hill from the Omega Institute.

Don’t forget to read this important information about essential oils before making a purchase.