DIY Wednesdays: Natural Deodorant

Thinking about giving natural deodorant a try after reading yesterday’s post? Trust me – it’s amazing.

Personally, I like to make my own. Nearly two years ago, I found the recipe featured here from Lindsay Edmond’s Passionate Homemaking. I’ve been using it ever since then, and have found it to be the best deodorant I’ve ever used.

Here’s the tutorial, or click here to read her post about it.

Yes, you will still sweat when using this product, but I very rarely find this to be a problem. And the big worry: body odor? I have only had a problem with this on a very rare occasion when I was extremely nervous – maybe four or five times. In two years. (Yeah, that’s a long time to be relatively non-stinky.) Click here for yet another rave about it at Kitchen Stewardship.

As for scents, I make mine with lavender essential oil, whereas Lindsay uses peppermint and tea tree in the video. You can experiment with this.

If you aren’t quite ready for the DIY route, try the natural deodorant brands. My absolute favorite is Terressentials roll-on deodorant. I hate that it’s liquid (I always prefer solid or semi-solid deodorants), because it does take some time to dry, but it works better than any other natural brand I’ve tried. (But not better than the DIY version!)

Here’s some more info from