Essential Info on Essential Oils

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Essential oils are serious natural mojo packed into a tiny bottle. These plant essences are potent, powerful, and volatile.

Like any good natural beauty business, we love essential oils and use them in many products. What does that mean to you?

As a consumer, it is important for you to know a few things:

::Know your allergies! Some people have allergic reactions to essential oils, and this can largely be prevented by simply avoiding certain essential oils when you know your body finds them to be allergens. If you aren’t sure and decide to take a chance, make sure to use the product only on a small patch of skin at first, and slowly build up from there over the course of a few days.

::Most importantly, if you are pregnant, talk to your physician before using any products that contain essential oils. This is a warning found on every bottle of essential oil, and the safest route is to simply clear it with your doctor, first.

Most natural beauty product lines (from large companies to small businesses) use essential oils in their products, and the warnings are the same for all of them. Be wary if you buy products from someone who tells you that all essential oils are perfectly safe for pregnant women, or that they never cause allergic reactions. Essential oils are, for the most part, safe, and have been used for decades in beauty products, aromatherapy, and other natural healing/wellness venues. But it is important to be fully aware of what you are putting on your body.

When in doubt, ask your health care provider.

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